Thank You Photobucket

A couple of months ago, a lot of the images used in this blog where lost. Apparently with no reason, where a photo should be shown, a white image with red letters appeared to the readers of Incomodas Verdades.

Those red letters told everyone could see that an account in photobucket was out of date, so no image would be served anymore.

Now I use the feature provided by Blogger. I tried to keep using Photobucket, but having to log into another application apart from Blogger, uploading the photo there and bringing the url to the post was too much. Therefore, I quit using it. I know it's lazy, but it's true...

A couple of years later, photobucket served this red letters instead of my stored photos. As I had not logged in for two years, they just wanted to erase what they considered to be a useless user.

When I saw it, I tried to recover my password, but the account was inactive. Using my best english (which, as you can read, is not as good as I want it to be...), I sent an email to Photobucket asking for my linked photos. I received an answer, telling me that I should pay to reactivate my account... and keep paying to keep it active... FOREVER!

Another email told them I understood the situation and that I would not mind paying to recover my account, but forever??? That was really unfair. Ok, I don't use Photobucket any more, but my blog does! I need those photos online!

They asked me, after that email, to send them any information I could provide about my Photobucket account: the background color I used, my username and password (thank you for remembering it for me, Firefox), descriptions of any of the photos I stored there, etc.

I did it.

And now the real images are back, but I have received no mail telling me so. I tried to log in... and I can't.

I would have loved to tell you all that my account is active again, but that has not happened. My photos are available again, but my account isn't.

That's why this post has not a happy ending, not completely.

Now, I am going to backup the whole blog, hoping that the photos stored in Photobucket will be downloaded correctly. At least, I will be able to change every post using one of them to a new URL in Blogger.

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