Really thank you Photobucket

At last, I remembered I used another very old email account to register to Photobucket, and I tried it at the form provided by them to reset the account's password.

I was really happy when the green message told me the email was sent! I logged into the old yahoo account (which was inactive as well, of course, but I could reactivate it; the old emails where lost, but I could receive the email from Photobucket) and there it was, the link to reset the password.

I used it, and logged in. Everything looked well, but now I cannot use my account. I can log in, but my home page seems to be unavailable. I saw all my images there, in a brand new style.

I'll tell you about the next chapter of this story.

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Anónimo dijo...

hola gorka, me gusta como escribes, te he descubierto hace poco.Te seguiré...

Gorka dijo...


me ha encantado recibir el comentario. Espero que más que seguirme en el futuro, me leas hacia el pasado, porque realmente posteo mucho menos de lo que me gustaría.