El extraño caso del abogado que contacta por feisvuk

Dear Gorka Please forgive me for using this means to reach you, but I cannot think of another way to let you know the urgent matter at hand. I am Larry Desmond, personal attorney (late) Mr.Robert Gorka, a Citizen of yours who lived and worked here for over twenty years as a prime contractor and a businessman. My client, his wife and their only daughter were involved in an automobile accident while visiting a neighboring country on vacation. They had been buried two weeks after, and I have exhausted all means to achieve that might be associated with them. It became more difficult, because there was no mention of any relative, while he was alive. My suggestion is that you allow to be presented to this role as both of you has the same sure name, so that documents can be processed and payment in your favor. I need your help to restore the fund valued $10.2 Million US Dollars, he left with a major bank here and the bank has ask me to provide them with any available relative to stand as a next of kin or the fund forfeited if unable to provide any. I must be prepared for further discussion at However, if you write back. Please contact me via email on: ( larry_desmond57@hotmail.com ) OR you can provide your email address for more details OK Thank you for your prompt response. Larry Esq

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