Joe Cristo y el 20% II

Sé que lo estáis deseando...


Thanks for your quick response to my post, I am very grateful for its mail.I am relieved because I understand what is written.

First, let me make you understand my power to influence transfer of this funds.As informed me how this money has been and I have also informed about where the money was deposited.I is not necessary to give any information.I also believe we have the mind to understand, even when giving a clue.I prepare all necessary documentation for approval to the money is yours with a diplomat who is a friend, but will not know you are not the real owner of the funds because he is a man decent mind.

I'll be me doing a favor to explain in simple terms how this agreement will be the only role I have to you for me to arrange the shipment to its name, it is unclear how to send their themselves but then take 20% full of himself and transferred to anywhere you want and the remaining 80% will remain for me because once you have the box then I will find my road to your country as soon as possible.

Now I want you to know that the alleviation of jet flying the Red Cross Europe Baghdad to collect relief donors Europe.I have two of my men to safety airplane.If reached specific agreement, I will contact a diplomat here I have some of my men into service on its label that is a local element is the red cross i Europe.Then
beneficiary must be prepared all the documents the true beneficiary of the funds.

Know that the diplomats to run a courier service Call DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE, this service is designed for the transfer of printed material, enormous funds stones.they and precious consignment.This called issue was registered with your service was to be with his diplomatic immunity for countries that have diplomatic reasons and then return it to the beneficiary of the consignment of the reasons that maintain diplomatic immunity.

In this case the agreement is as follows, after sending record to its name, the diplomat was sealed and sent to Europe after signing as a diplomatic game in a box
Diplomats and then transferred to another European diplomat, who collect sending the plane and then deliver them to the aircraft util to be used in this agreement is the jet cross red, which also has its own immunity due to the nature of its work.Wherever falls in Europe, the diplomat in Europe now will claim the shipment and then have an appointment with you when you arrive to claim your shipment.

As soon as I finished with the provision of diplomats here I will make contact with the diplomat deliver sent to you in Europe and beyond his contact and number
phone so you can get an appointment with him to know when can come to claim the shipment.

Knowing I can deal with someone who does not know why the agreement I am a Captian trace.I so I have to be careful, this is a wicked world can a sick person who may want flee with the money, but if you are good and can have this agreement me and keep it very secret between us two, then we ended up in a week.

If you're ready for this agreement is required by this letter provide the following information, as I did, "said Red Cross official who will be giving to understand
information of the rightful owner of the game.

1. Your full name
2. His country of origin and contact details home
3. A copy or the number of your international passport / driver License
4. Your Phone Number Direct Line
5.Your occupation.

Once you receive this I will prepare all the documents the rightful owner of the consignment immediately and notify the as soon as the conclusion of an agreement with the diplomat here.

Come back to me urgently

Captain Divine

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